Saturday, 27 April 2013

Jane and Louise Wilson: Unfolding The Aryan Papers

There are layers to this film but the work isn't enhanced by an attempt to unstick them. Trying to pick the separate narratives apart was only a distraction when I should instead have immersed myself in the visual illusion of the installation. When I allowed the stills, moving image and the voice of the actress to wash over me, slowly the retelling of fictional and real stories became defined.

In the film the actress Johanna ter Steege talks about her time with Kubrick during the original pre-production for his unfinished Holocaust film Aryan Papers, intercut with the story of a highly risky romantic relationship. At times the footage seamlessly illustrates the story or the memory, and at magical points, the images stretching out to the left and right of me into infinity manage to convey both.

Corinna Spencer

Jane and Louise Wilson
Herbert Art Gallery and Museum
16 March - 12 May 2013

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