Wednesday, 15 January 2014

London Art Fair: Garageland Highlights (Part 2)

Magnifying glasses in hand, Garageland gumshoes extraordinaire Corinna Spencer and Travis Riley have inspected London Art Fair top-to-bottom to track down this year’s must see artworks.

Art Catlin (Stand P25) are showing works by very recently graduated artists, every year I am impressed and full of anticipation to see the varied pieces chosen. I was not disappointed, but I do have a favourite – Chloe Rosser's photograph is beautiful and still amongst the noise and crush of the art fair.

Vane Gallery  (Stand P5) is a gallery based in in Newcastle upon Tyne and showing possibly my favourite painting at the London Art Fair. Kerstin Drechsel's Untitled from If You Close The Door series captivated me quite suddenly with its large scale glimpse into a private moment. I marched into the stand and immediately took this picture.

Dalla Rosa (Stand 14) are presenting a delightfully cohesive collection of works by artists who all have a beautiful delicacy within their work. My favourite is new work by Ben Bridges and in particular the oval shaped Hanging Gardens of Babylon where the action seems pushed to the edges and behind the surface altogether – I peered around the work, sure that secrets could be found.

Pertwee, Anderson & Gold (Stand 2) are showing several paintings and prints by The Connor Brothers. Tiffany is typical of the large scale takes on Mills & Boon book covers. There is a touch of flash-bang which drew me to the work in the first instance and there is a nagging feeling of threat which at the same time I found a bit exciting.

Axis Web (Stand P27) are presenting work by members of their far reaching directory which I have always found to have a personal and very human touch, I'm always pleased to see a physical presence. Virginia Verran's work stands out in the show, so intricate and controlled in its construction and yet full of chaos.

Corinna Spencer

London Art Fair, 14-19 January, London N1

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