Saturday, 29 June 2013

Easy Does It

A visit to Aid & Abet in Cambridge in which Corinna Spencer meets a toothless patchwork snake and a money cactus.

Kevin Hunt, The Money Cactus, 2013

Leaning, balancing and quietly standing while the trace of 'us' is caught just out of the corner of the eye. This is what happens when visiting Easy Does It at Aid & Abet.

These objects are familiar and have an air of ease about them. Their installation is beautiful and uncomplicated. It avoids any hint of clutter or sense that they are detritus. They have been purposefully and painstakingly placed in relation to one another, and to the space, and the approaching visitor.

Some objects invite you to imagine a past for them and to envisage their unknown owners, like Little Whitehead's Super Smash (2011) a handmade sledge hanging on the wall or Leo Fitzmaurice's Re-jointed Toy Snakes, which sit long and almost unnoticed at the base of the wall, greeting the visitors in the doorway with a toothless plastic grin.

Little Whitehead, Super Smash, 2013

The absence of the owner, or the person related to these objects; the person who used them, played with them, made them or just lived with them, is overwhelmingly evident.

Carwyn Evans' black and white photograph of a tidy outdoor workspace with its wooden structures and hay flooring brings the human into the room especially strongly by evoking a personal relationship with objects and nature. Contrarily, his sculpture Docked (2011) demonstrates the sharp reality of human, object and nature living together and is the most affecting piece in Easy Does It.

Carwyn Evans, Docked, 2011
(Meranti and Taxidermied Lamb Tails)

Corinna Spencer

Easy Does It
Carwyn Evans | Fiona Curran | Hannah James | Jo Addison | Jo Coupe | Kevin Hunt | Leo Fitzmaurice | Littlewhitehead | Sean Edwards | Tom Godfrey | Tom Ireland
Aid & Abet, Cambridge
6 June - 7 July 2013

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