Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Eli Cortiñas: Awkward Studies and a Decent Take on Serious Matters

Confessions With an Open Curtain, 2011 (still from single-channel video)

The film Confessions with an Open Curtain is my favourite piece in this show. So much can be gleaned from the back of a person, perhaps she is waiting for someone, or someone has just left her alone. Maybe she has entered a room to find it unexpectedly empty. Even emotions like shock and sadness can be seen through a posture viewed from the back. All of these are possibilities for the women on the screen.

The voiceover from the film, disembodied and sometimes with a harsh tone, has an effect on the collages and assemblages that make up the rest of the show. It seems to anchor the objects into the world of the women in the film, as if one of the characters has escaped from the screen and placed them about the place, making the screen worlds of these women a tangible if imagined reality for the viewer.

Empty Bed Blues, 2013

The film footage is loaded with its own baggage and the time in which these films are set brings its own sense of the melodramatic. By these elements, some of my interpretations of Cortiñas' work may turn out to be ever so slightly predetermined, even so, the piece works on a number of emotional levels.

Corinna Spencer
Eli Cortiñas
Rokeby Gallery, London EC1
2 May 2013 - 15 June 2013

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