Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The Skin I'm In

In the third of our reports from Frieze 2018, Sarah Cleaver curates a semi nude collection.

Every year I walk around Frieze with headphones on to exclude myself from the crowd, at the pace of an irritable father trying to speed through the Saturday family activity. I stop when I see something I love, and this year it was these 3D works by Martin Soto Climent that seemed like flesh coloured tights, the ugliest thing in the world made beautiful. My mini curation is #sendnudes, works that are reminiscent, not of real skin, but skin on the internet - re-coloured, re-molded - made better. 

Martin Soto Climent

Peter Vermeersch

Dinh Q Le, All the Boys in the World

Dinh Q Le, All the Boys in the World (detail)

Michael Borremans, Lily, 2017

Walter Pfeiffer

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