Saturday, 29 December 2012

Aliens on the horizon - Benjamin Bridges & Catrin Morgan

Benjamin Bridges

Catrin Morgan

When I was little, travelling in a car along the motorway with my Dad at the wheel, I would often see tractor tyres painted white and partly submerged in the fields we passed. Now I understand that they were for marking out areas of land, perhaps for planting crops. At the time I thought they were big white scary humps sticking out of the mud. Row after row of  giant, unnatural shapes placed there by goodness knows who. I even had recurring dreams about them.

In Cross Section/02 there are mysteries, secrets and lies hidden between paintings and delicate diagram like drawings. Perhaps ways of transmitting signals or objects waiting for their makers to return. Bridges' paintings and their unsettling, beautifully colourful geometric shapes seem abandoned in the peaceful country side but not neglected.

Catrin Morgan

Morgan's drawings meticulously  document long standing communication towers. Shrouded in mystery they communicate endless coded number sequences. Documenting the towers like this is a little like protecting them and offering proof of their existence and the possibilities of the myriad secrets out there.

Benjamin Bridges
Strange, I haven't seen those big white lumps sticking out of muddy farmers fields for years.

Corinna Spencer

Cross Section/02
Benjamin Bridges and Catrin Morgan
30 November - 22 December 2012
Dalla Rosa Gallery,
London, EC1