Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Fertile Utopia: Kevin Sinnott at Flowers Gallery

In Kevin Sinnott's exhibition at Flowers Gallery Mary-Claire Wilson discovers a fertile utopia of oversized cockerels, gusty, tempestuous laundry hanging, flushed faces and red skirts blowing in the wind.

Running Away with the Hairdresser (1995)

Kevin Sinnott specialises in large scale, figurative paintings with rich brushstrokes which capture striking moments in ambiguous stories. These moments are always telling, often steamy and frequently feature landscapes or details from his Welsh homeland, where one of his most popular paintings Running Away with the Hairdresser (1995) hangs in the National Museum of Cardiff. 

His latest work continues in a similar vein, but, as usual with Sinnott, there is a reworking and reinvention of themes. The exhibition’s title, Domestic Species, hints at the contrast between the familiar and the exotic in this show, which interweave to create a heady new world.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Flora Parrot: Fixed Position

There is a cave nestled between a taxidermist and a nail parlour on Islington's Essex Road. Garageland Reviewer Alicia Rodriguez ventures in and suffers a slight formal crisis (in a good way).

The cave is made up of ambiguous substance. Our form is undetermined within the dark, damp spaces, although we mostly think that we are solids. Our position is hard to define by just our own edges or borders – it’s more complicated than that. Where does the earth stop and our body begin? In Fixed Position, Flora Parrott has produced a series of ‘3D diagrams’ in order to develop a study of fixity and sensation. This study takes the form of an installation that mediates information and space.