Thursday, 21 February 2013

Kiss Me Deadly At Paradise Row

Kiss Me Deadly is a group show of contemporary neo-noir from Los Angeles curated by Price Latimer Agah and featuring Jeneleen Floyd, Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe, Francesca Gabbiani, Sayre Gomez, Mark Hagen, Glenn Kaino, Aaron Sandnes, Allison Schulnik, Simmons & Burke, Bobbi Woods and Rosha Yaghmai.

Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe - Caberat Starlight #3, 2012 custom pigment print
Jeneleen Floyd - LA Nocturne, 2012, video with sound, Aaron SandnesAuto Bandit  (Octave Garnier), 2012

The text that accompanies Kiss Me DeadlyThe Singing and The Gold by Alissa Bennetts, is a short, deceptively simple, screen play; a twisty, turny mystery with seemingly doppelgänger females at its centre. I had a similar feeling of doubles and familiarity walking around the gallery. Faces I felt like I had seen before, scenarios that seemed reminiscent of black and white films or newsreels, things buried in my subconscious somewhere, or perhaps I just wish I had seen them.

Downstairs in the black walled dimness is where the show stashes its gems. Secrets are gouged out of the wall to reveal a monstrous clash over a beautiful woman. There is a sense of the criminal underworld where the shadows cast are full of mystery and near misses while bad men in good suits scan the grubby opulence.

Jeneleen Floyd, Birds, 2012, Cut and pasted paper
Mark Hagen, To Be titled (Subtractive and Additive Sculpture #10), 2012, Rainbow Obsidian, epoxy, anodized aluminium and stainless steel space frame

Corinna Spencer

Kiss Me Deadly
29 Jan - 9 March 2013
Paradise Row
74a Newman Street, London W1

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