Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sharon Kivland: Reproductions II

Mes Plus Belles (1968), 2012, water colour on photographs

The Unconscious Is A City, 2012, 25 postcards with gouache 

Sharon Kivland, in her recent show at Domo Baal, laid bare layers of time through her use of materials and the subsequent shifting of the audience's gaze. The accompanying essays by Jan Campbell and Steve Pile deal with Kivland's preoccupation with Freud and this illuminates some of her feelings and her relationship to place, perhaps the final layer to Kivland's work, which the viewer is invited to peel back, as far as we dare.

Mes Vedettes (my stars), 2012, postcards with gouache applied

At times, under these layers, there is a fascinating dead eyed blankness staring back from the women depicted in the found and altered photographs and prints, who seem well trained in their performance for the camera and for our gaze but not necessarily for our comfort.

Ma Petite Charmeuse, 2012, archival inkjet print on hahnemuhle paper

Corinna Spencer

Reproductions II
Sharon Kivland
18 Jan - 16 Feb 2013
London, WC1

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